Shore rugs are the ergonomic carpets you never knew you wanted

You’ve heard of ergonomic furniture. Now get ready for ergonomic furnishings. That’s the vision that Shore Rugs’ director and co-founder, Louie Rigano – a 30-year-old with a master’s degree from the Royal College of Art in London – has for his innovative new line of luxury rugs. What … [Read More...]

Ingredient Spotlight: Is Alcohol Really Bad For Your Skin?

Out of all the hundreds and thousands of ingredients used in skincare formulations, alcohol is arguably the most misunderstood one out there. You could even almost hear it screaming like a moody teenager, “You don’t get me!” And in a time when clean, organic and natural beauty are trendy … [Read More...]

Alexei Vasiliev: A Phenomenon in Contemporary Russian Art

Contemporary art is vibrant, affluent, dynamic, and at times perplexing, but in all cases deeply enchanting, opening the hidden shades of reality as seen by the extraordinary, creative minds. The same may be surely said about contemporary Russian art of Alexei Vasiliev, a talented painter born in 1980, who has been … [Read More...]

Ever Wonder How An Emmy Is Won? And Other Relevant Emmy Info.

The 71st Emmy Awards will be presented tonight Sunday, September 22 on  the Fox network at 5pm ET / 8pm PT. The 2019 Primetime Emmy® Awards, honoring the best in television, will be held at the Microsoft Theater in downtown Los Angeles today (where it’s already 80 degrees at 10am). The theme for … [Read More...]

Gucci declare it’s now carbon-neutral

Gucci said on Thursday that it’s now completely carbon-neutral. “To build on longstanding efforts to reduce environmental impacts and drive positive change,” it said, “Gucci announced today that it is offsetting all remaining Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions annually from its […] [Read More...]