Pandora’s Voice Mode now available for all users

If Pandora is your streaming music service of choice, you will now be able to command it at will to play your favorite or the appropriate music without lifting your hands. They are now bringing Voice Mode, which they previously introduced to a select few, for all users of the … [Read More...]

MIT microfluidics device helps diagnose sepsis faster

A new sensor designed by MIT is meant to help doctors and caregivers in hospitals to more quickly diagnose a condition that kills 250,000 people annually. The condition is sepsis, and the quicker treatment can start, the more likely those affected by sepsis can begin to get better. Sepsis is when … [Read More...]

Monster Rancher 1 port due out in 2019 in Japan

Koei Tecmo will release a port of the original Monster Rancher, which first launched for the original PlayStation on July 24, 1997 in Japan, for unannounced platform(s) in 2019, the company announced. The word used for its release is “haishin,” which is a Japanese word that indicates a digital release. That … [Read More...]