A new excavation of the princely tomb of Vix: First results

In Europe, the site of Vix is an emblematic testimony to the Celtic princely phenomenon. It is primarily famous for the tomb of the “Lady of Vix,” whose 1953 excavation revealed a remarkable array of grave offerings. Sixty-six years after the excavations by René Joffroy and … [Read More...]

When Copy Editors Backstopped The News Room

“It makes me crazy reading sloppy, typo-strewn copy. Ditto for readers, as has been made clear by the hundreds of emails I receive complaining about errors and inexcusable typos. The takeaway is that we just don’t care enough to give every story a good shake.” – Toronto… [Read More...]

The Gray Market: Why Opaque Pricing in the Gallery Sector Makes Museum Collections Less Diverse (and Other Insights)

Every Monday morning, artnet News brings you The Gray Market. The column decodes important stories from the previous week—and offers unparalleled insight into the inner workings of the art industry in the process. This week, linking freedom of information to freedom of expression… MINORITY REPORT  On Thursday, my colleague Julia … [Read More...]