In Praise Of Attending The Arts By Yourself

When it comes to fun activities done in public – having a drink in a bar, going to the opera – being alone becomes socially loaded. And it runs deep: entire Reddit forums are dedicated to the question of going to the movies alone. – The Guardian [Read More...]

Schinkel Pavillon opens ‘Straying from the Line’ exhibition

50 years ago, Lee Lozano articulated the relationship between artistic and social hierarchies, stating that “there can be no art revolution that is separate from a science revolution, a political
 revolution, an education revolution, a drug revolution, a sex revolution or a personal revolution.” Understanding the personal as… [Read More...]

Banksy in Venice? New work appears and perhaps the artist himself

The mysterious British artist Banksy has apparently left his mark on a crumbling wall in Venice, and even claimed to have set up an unlicensed art stall in Italy’s famous “floating city”. The image of a migrant child signalling for help, appeared, in the Banksy style, on a crumbling wall … [Read More...]