Exhibition at Hauser & Wirth features recent large-scale works by Phyllida Barlow

For more than fifty years, British artist Phyllida Barlow has created sculptures and large-scale installations using a direct and intuitive process of making. She transforms humble, readily available materials through layering, accumulation, and juxtaposition, often drawing inspiration from her urban surroundings to reference construction debris, architecture, signs, fences, and … [Read More...]

Apple and a Moonlighta studio A24 make movie deal

As it delves more deeply into making its own shows and movies, Apple is enlisting Oscar-winning indie studio A24 to produce a slate of films, it was reported Friday. The company is not providing many specifics about the deal with A24 beyond saying it is a “multiyear agreement” and … [Read More...]

The Difference Between Bullshitters And Liars

Although most of us would agree that both bullshit and the outright lie are modes of misrepresentation, there exists a key difference between the two. Neither the bullshitter nor the liar can be relied upon to tell the truth. But in order to lie, the liar must first believe that … [Read More...]

2 paintings belonging to LOVE artist are being auctioned

The estate of artist Robert Indiana, creator of the iconic LOVE series, is auctioning off two paintings that belonged to him to raise money to defend against a lawsuit and to stabilize his deteriorating home. Critics, including Princeton art professor emeritus John Wilmerding, are especially disappointed because of the sale … [Read More...]