Yale teaches robots not to mess with people’s stuff

When it comes to getting a quality education, a robot could do far worse than a program at Yale. Machine learning researchers at the Ivy-League university recently started teaching robots about the nuances of social interaction. And there’s no better place to start than with possessions. One of the … [Read More...]

How the human eye could destroy quantum mechanics

At the very edge of human perception lies our eyes’ ability to perceive a single photon of light. Physicists believe this amazing feat could be a catalyst to illuminate some of our universe’s biggest mysteries. What is the universe made of? Why are we here? One popular theory that addresses … [Read More...]

World-renowned AI experts duke it out on Twitter

In the red corner, weighing in using US standard measurements, the challenger: NYU’s Gary “Down with Deep Learning” Marcus. And in the Blue Corner, weighing in using le système métrique, Facebook’s Yann “Show Your Work” LeCun. This fight will decide the fate of AI research once and for all. A … [Read More...]

A beginner’s guide to AI: Human-level machine intelligence

Welcome to TNW’s beginner’s guide to AI. This (currently) five part feature should provide you with a very basic understanding of what AI is, what it can do, and how it works. The guide contains articles on (in order published) neural networks, computer vision, natural language processing, algorithms, and artificial … [Read More...]

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is headed to Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft today announced its subscription-based gaming service Xbox Game Pass would be adding the incredibly popular Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds to its lineup. The Redmond company opened it’s XO18 show today in Mexico City with a PUBG montage featuring pumping music and the game’s typical frantic action. The reveal ended … [Read More...]

Microsoft absorbs RPG developers Obsidian and inXile

Microsoft today announced the acquisition of two heavy-hitters in the RPG gaming world, namely inXile Entertainment and Obsidian Entertainment. And there was much rejoicing throughout every kingdom. The announcement came during the Redmond company’s annual XO18 fan fest in Mexico City. Microsoft stresses that both studios will remain autonomous. … [Read More...]