An Appreciation of My Father

I’m pretty sure that my father will read this sometime today or tomorrow, or else my mother will read it aloud to him. In either case, I’ll start off with the most important thing: thank you, dad, for everything I’ve written about below and so much more. … [Read More...]

Buyer’s Remorse and Forgotten Things

Open up your closet door, dig past the first things you see, and look at ten things you happen to find in the back (or everything, if you want). Out of those ten things, how many of them fill you with buyer’s remorse? How many of them had you … [Read More...]

The Grind

“Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.” – Bill Gates One of the biggest changes in my perspective on personal finance since I started The Simple Dollar is how to succeed at your goals. When I … [Read More...]

Twelve Enemies of Good Spending Habits

It’s really easy to have good spending habits if you’re sitting in a comfy chair in your living room reading a book from the library. It’s really easy to have good spending habits if you’re in the midst of a hike in the middle of nowhere. … [Read More...]

Feeling Good, Feeling Bad, Feeling Broke

At some point about three years ago, I was browsing a self-improvement book at the library, just leafing through the pages. I truly wish I could recall what book it was; all I can remember is that it was probably a new release about two or three years ago, … [Read More...]

When Net Worth Calculation Fails You

Megan writes in with a great question: As per your earlier suggestions, I have been using net worth to track my financial improvement over the last five years. The spreadsheet shows a nice monthly upward trend almost every month. But this month I noticed an interesting problem. My net worth … [Read More...]

The Three Questions Revisited

Your Money or Your Life by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin was the book that spurred my financial turnaround. At the very moment when I was realizing I needed to do something drastically different in my life with regards to my finances, this book was the first one that I … [Read More...]

The Easiest Way to Meal Prep That I’ve Found

Over the last few years, I’ve done a lot of experimentation with meal prepping, with the goal of having lots of home-cooked meals in the freezer that I can pull out at a moment’s notice. I’ve tried all kinds of different things, sometimes successful and sometimes … [Read More...]

Financial Goals and the Arrival Fallacy

When I was an undergraduate, I had a dream of getting a job doing the kind of data mining that I was really interested in. I had a wonderful mentor that lit a deep interest in the subject under me and I wanted to do it for the rest of … [Read More...]

Retiring, Sooner or Later

Marie wrote in with a really nice mailbag question: Do you think it’s better to retire a few years early and have to live with a tight budget or keep working for a few more years which will probably be your healthiest years so you can have more money … [Read More...]