How to Handle a High Stress Work Environment

One wonderful advantage of financial independence (or at least a strong financial foundation) is that you don’t have to deal with stressful or toxic work environments. You can simply start searching for a different job as soon as the environment turns negative and handle any financial bumps in the … [Read More...]

Building a Less Fragile Life

One of my main motivations in my own financial turnaround was to escape the paycheck to paycheck life that we were living. I had begun to realize that people were really depending on me – not just my wife and my infant son, but my “future self” as well … [Read More...]

A Lifetime of Lessons

Over the past week or two, some of you may have heard the story of Sylvia Bloom, a legal secretary who, on a mid-20th century secretary’s salary, carefully amassed a fairly sizable fortune (around $9 million) by being very wise with her money. In 2016, Bloom passed away and … [Read More...]

The Challenge of Sentimental Items

For many of us, the largest expense we’ll ever tackle in our lives is our housing. The cost of owning a family home easily devours multiples of a person’s annual income. The median home price in America today is around $200,000, while the average American household income is … [Read More...]

How To Be a Frugal Auto Enthusiast

A couple of my extended family members have a very expensive hobby. They rebuild old cars, turn them into hot rods, and show them off at car shows. They sometimes recoup their financial investment if someone likes what they’ve built, but unless someone is actually paying them for a … [Read More...]

The Truly Frugal Diet

Food takes up a major part of a family’s monthly budget. Depending on the size of the family and their food choices, this can range from hundreds of dollars a month to well over a thousand dollars a month. It’s also an area of spending where frugal tactics … [Read More...]

Today’s Promise, Tomorrow’s Challenge

Most mornings, I wake up at about 5:30 AM and spend an hour or so waking up, stretching, doing a bit of reading and exercise and a few other odds and ends, and planning my day. The day before me feels like it’s full of promise and possibilities. What will … [Read More...]

A Kitchen Full of Projects

As you walk through our kitchen, one thing you can’t help but notice is that there are usually a lot of food-related projects that are almost always ongoing. In just a cursory glance at our kitchen right now, one would find a small batch of homemade peach cider … [Read More...]

The Huge Expense of Cultural Norms

Having a big wedding. Going out to the club with friends routinely. Exchanging gifts at Christmas with extended family. Going out for dinner routinely. Driving a shiny new car. Living in a bigger house than necessary (or even homeownership in general). Going out for drinks routinely. Wearing makeup and/or … [Read More...]


One podcast I really enjoy listening to is the Jocko Podcast, which is hosted by Jocko Willink, a former NAVY Seal. The focus of the podcast is on leadership and personal discipline – how to handle big challenges and getting through hard times. As with most podcasts, I don’t … [Read More...]

Life First, Money Second

What do I really want out of life? What kind of life do I really want to have, starting today and moving forward? Over the course of my adult life, I’ve basically been on a constant journey to refine my answer to those questions. I went gradually from having … [Read More...]