Friendships and the Financial Turnaround

Back when I was at the peak of my foolish spending days, I had a set of three good friends that I will call Manny, Moe, and Jack. The four of us got into a routine of going golfing after work at least once a week and golfing together each … [Read More...]

Different People, Different Goals

Simple Dollar reader Jennifer pointed me toward this discussion thread on LinkedIn, in which a big group of people are complaining about the idea of financial independence. The discussion starts off with this: Anyone else disagree with the constant “retire early” mindset? This dominates the retirement media newsfeed. No, … [Read More...]


Back in February, I answered a reader mailbag question about principles, in which I said I was working on an article that was simply a list of the guiding principles in my life, both financial and otherwise. I didn’t really know if I would publish it on The Simple … [Read More...]

Lessons from a Six-Year-Old Credit Card Statement

Yesterday’s article, The Financial Noise, was originally a very, very long draft that included several specific stories from my own life where I talked about the realization of the negative financial impact of “noise” in my life. Although it didn’t really fit in the article, I wanted … [Read More...]

The Financial Noise

Every once in a while, I’ll flip on CNBC or Fox Business Network and just see what’s on there in terms of financial news. I used to do this much more often, but these days I rarely turn them on. Why? When I do turn them on, I … [Read More...]

What ‘Pay Yourself First’ Really Means

Pay yourself first. It’s a snappy little phrase that’s used all the time in personal finance books and articles. I first heard it on radio ads advertising “get out of debt quick” and “get rich quick” schemes. It sounds nice and impressive, but what does it … [Read More...]

How Getting Involved in the Community Can Help Your Finances

One of my most frequent pieces of advice, which comes up for numerous reasons, is to get involved in your local community. I regularly recommend getting involved in local civic groups (like the Lions Club), local Meetups, local churches and other religious organizations, local charities, local parks and recreation activities, … [Read More...]