Preparing for a Frugal Road Trip

Minh writes in: My family (husband and two kids) are going on a very long road trip next weekend. We are moving across the country and our stuff will already be unloaded when we arrive with my sister handling the unloading. We are currently staying with a friend and the … [Read More...]

Ten Lessons from My Well Worn Winter Coat

This past weekend, I put my winter coat away until next November or so. It’s a hardy winter coat, a green Carhartt arctic coat, one that gets me through an Iowa winter where you can have entire weeks where the temperature doesn’t peek above 0 F. I keep a … [Read More...]

Some Hard Questions

What do I really need in life? What do I need to have a life that’s enjoyable? What do I need to get out of bed in the morning, to feel something positive inside of me? What things am I spending money on that are just giving me bursts … [Read More...]

The Value of Competence and Mastery

One of the most interesting personal finance concepts I’ve come across is the “Renaissance ideal,” which I first learned of from the writings of Jacob Lund Fisker. Fisker’s idea is simple: For every skill out there that people find useful, there is a level of ability … [Read More...]

How I Shop for Things

One of the most common types of questions I get from readers is how exactly they should shop for something. How do you shop for clothing? How do you shop for food? How do you shop for tech devices? In this article, I’m covering how I shop for anything … [Read More...]

20 Things You Can Do to Keep Your Car Costs Low

Cars are expensive. We currently have a family of five with one parent working outside the home and the other parent working at home with occasional need to go elsewhere. Thus, we have a small commuting car for the commuter (a Toyota Prius) and a large vehicle for transporting the … [Read More...]

The Financial Wisdom of Rob Gronkowski

While I’m not a particularly big football fan, I have been in a variety of fantasy football leagues (including a long-running dynasty league) with several friends for many years. For the last decade, one of the best players in the game has been Rob Gronkowski, a tight end … [Read More...]