Simple ways to wake up your workout

Going to the gym regularly seems to be an exceptional act. Three 45-minute workouts are just a tick under the federal government’s recommendation of 150 weekly minutes of moderate activity. Yet according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than three-quarters of United States adults don’t reach that … [Read More...]

10,000 steps a day — or fewer?

10,000 steps a day has become the gold standard for many people. That number has sold many step-counting devices and inspired interoffice competitions. But it’s a big number that can be hard to reach. When people continue to not hit five digits, eventually some ditch the effort altogether. Dr. I… [Read More...]

What to do with that foam roller at the gym?

The foam roller is possibly the least intimidating piece of equipment in the gym. It’s light. It’s no-tech. And like most things in the gym, you’ve heard something about its benefits, seen a few people using it, and wonder if you should be doing the same. What is myofascial … [Read More...]

Easy daily ways to feel more connected

I’ve got some legitimate skills: in no particular order, making pesto, finding lost LEGO pieces, and having debates in my head. That last one might be my specialty. I work for myself and by myself, tumbling around thoughts and words all day. But it doesn’t stay at my desk. I … [Read More...]

Tackling parent-teacher conferences: The early years

Coming into December, my wife Jenny and I had been through two parent-teacher conferences and were batting .500. The first, during my oldest son’s last year of preschool, opened with a list of stuff that didn’t shock us but his teachers weren’t too thrilled with: knocking over blocks, interrupting, not … [Read More...]