‘Scary’ Ilhan Omar Makes Meghan McCain Cry

We didn’t want to write about Meghan McCain twice this week or really at all, but she went and cried on “The View” yesterday, so what choice do we have, really? McCain tearfully warned the world about the threat of global anti-Semitism, as apparently represented by a freshman House… [Read More...]

Donald Trump Jr. Knows Who To Blame For Chasmic Void In His Soul, It Is Definitely Instagram’s Fault

Donald Trump Jr. has been on a crusade lately against what he incorrectly and stupidly describes as “censorship” by “big tech” companies. Apparently, 85 percent of conservatives think social media networks censor political speech, roughly 100 percent of them are wrong, and Junior is a powerful advocate for this terminally confused demographic… [Read More...]

Trump’s Busy Schedule: Gotta Make The Nicknames!

Donald Trump will soon have to start actively working to keep a job he never should’ve had in the first place. He’ll need to refresh himself on policies and articulate an agenda that is preferable to more Americans than his likely Democratic opponent’s proposals for ending all air travel to… [Read More...]