2018: The Year Of The Personal Racism Concierges

Bigots have long used cops as their personal racism concierges. 2018 was the year that black people started fighting back with the one-two punch of an iPhone and social media. Racists are getting dragged publicly and often losing their jobs because they questioned our right to exist in public spaces… [Read More...]

No Room At The Inn

An eight-year-old Guatemalan child died in government custody just a few minutes before Christmas, a holiday normally about a child’s birth because children dying is significantly less festive. US Customs and Border Protection did not bother to identify the child, but according to a statement from Rep. Joaquin… [Read More...]

Trump Cancels Christmas For Federal Employees

Merry Christmas, suckers! Yes, even you atheists, Jews, Muslims, and my fellow Druids — federal employees of all denominations are getting screwed just a few nights before Christmas. The government partially shut down on midnight today because the Republican-controlled Congress couldn’t pass a spending bill that Donald Trump, who is … [Read More...]

Court Rules Betsy DeVos Must Stop Being Asshole

Thursday, the Trump administration decided out of the goodness of its court-ordered heart to follow Obama-era policy and cancel thousands of borrowers’ federal student loans. This was a bummer for so-called Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, who had fought against protections for student loan borrowers because she (allegedly)… [Read More...]

Pro-Life Party Shrugs Off Death Of 7-Year-Old Girl

We all know that Republicans are, generally speaking, heartless monsters who don’t care about anyone but themselves, but you’d naively hope multiple airings of It’s a Wonderful Life combined with the tragic death of a seven-year-old girl might cause their hearts to grow three sizes at least. Not… [Read More...]

Is VP Mike Pence The White House Walking Dead?

The man who would be president, Mike Pence, might not even be vice president after 2020. (We mean BESIDES how they’re gonna get their asses kicked. BESIDES THAT.) Those are the rumors circulating lately. Pence is much creepier than Donald Trump, who for all his faults doesn’t call his wife… [Read More...]