Shaq Shares Secrets of Success at Refresh19

Basketball legend and entrepreneur Shaquille O’Neal sat down with Girish Mathrubootham, CEO at Freshworks. They spoke at the recent Refresh19 conference to talk business and a few other things. Shaq Shares Secrets of Success They started out discussing how Shaq had a lesser known talent. He was actually a… [Read More...]

Most Trusted B2B Brands in 2019

Your brand is just as important as your product to overall business success. The 2019 B2B Trusted Brands Report from Sagefrog lists the ones who are the most trusted. Small Business Trends contacted Mark Schmukler, CEO & Co-founder to find out the names and what small businesses need to… [Read More...]

How to Buy a Business

Buying your own business or franchise is a good idea. Check out some of the numbers listed here. Small Business Trends spoke with BizBuySell’s Bob House to get the lowdown on best practices. Consider Whether to Start a Business or Buy an Existing One First, there is another big… [Read More...]

Best Work Trucks for Your Small Business

There comes a time when delivering your products in a commuter car doesn’t cut it anymore. Here’s what you need to look for in a work truck for your small business once you become successful. The Right Vehicle for Your Industry The right vehicle for your small business… [Read More...]

Adobe Launches New Product to Help Digitize Small Businesses

Adobe (Nasdaq: ADBE) has introduced e-signing capabilities allowing small businesses to digitize signing documents. Adobe Sign for small businesses integrates with Adobe Scan and Acrobat Reader desktop app so business can streamline this important function. Small Business Trends contacted Lisa Croft, Group Product Marketing Manager to discuss how this… [Read More...]

How to Fire an Employee

Many states have at-will employment provisions for employers and employees. This gives bosses a wide berth to fire people. For workers, there is often a wrongful termination avenue to look into. Long story short is, small business needs to know how to fire an employee properly to avoid legal… [Read More...]

How to Create a Shopify Sales Tax Report

Shopify reports ecommerce revenue in America will grow 46% to 2023. You’ll need to pay taxes with these stores. Here’s how to create a Shopify sales tax report. Shopify doesn’t file your taxes for you. It’s important to register your business with the proper government authority. Include… [Read More...]

Top 5 Reasons Americans Don’t Start a Business

Americans are very interested in becoming their own bosses. Some new research from FreshBooks reports 24 million want to work for themselves by 2021. However, estimates place the number of Americans who jumped into self employment full time in 2018 at less than 2 million. Small Business Trends contacted Matt Baker, FreshBooks VP of… [Read More...]

10 Tips to Improve Your RFP Process

RFPs (requests for proposal) are important for small businesses. These are documents looking for quotes from vendors if you’re buying services. If you’re selling something, they’re a great way to introduce yourself. RFP Process Tips Small Business Trends contacted Brian Buck, CEO of, Scotwork North America to… [Read More...]

10 Retail Product Placement Tips for Small Business

An amazing $11.44 billion will be spent on product placement in the United States in 2019. That’s good reason to pay attention to these 10 retail product placement tips for small business. Small Business Trends contacted Tim McCouch, Vice President, TLK Fusion, to find out more. He started by defining product… [Read More...]