Samsung Galaxy A40 image renders show up

More Galaxy A series phones are expected to be introduced in the coming weeks and months. The more recent Samsung-related leaks and rumors are all about the next Galaxy A devices. There will be several models like the Galaxy A2 Core Android Go phone, Galaxy A40, Galaxy A90, Galaxy … [Read More...]

Samsung Galaxy A2 Core will be the next Android Go phone

Android Go is another version of Android for low-cost smartphones. The Android team has introduced has launched this two years ago for emerging markets and so far, so good. The public has accepted this category of Android phones because that’s what many people can afford. Samsung only ventured … [Read More...]

Android Q removes background clipboard access

Android Q Beta is now available for old and new Pixel owners. The Android development team has been working on the new Android dessert the past months so expect changes and updates will be released as more people test the new OS on their devices. More models are ready for … [Read More...]

Google Project Stream Controller patent shown off

Google has many projects. Not many see the light of day but for those that do, not all will last longer. We’ve lost count of how many projects, products, and services have been terminated but no need to focus on that. The tech giant has new projects including the … [Read More...]

ZTE foldable phone image renders go online

Aside from Royole, the company that rolled out the first commercially available foldable phone called the Flexpai, other OEMs have started with their foldable phones. Samsung already launched the Galaxy Fold and soon was followed by the Huawei Mate X. There have been numerous comparisons already but we’ll get … [Read More...]