Battery-Free Bluetooth Sticker Sensor Tag introduced

We haven’t featured anything from Wiliot yet but this semiconductor pioneer and innovator is ready to show off the first Battery-Free Bluetooth Sensor Tag in the world after a lot of hard work in development. Before production happened, the team raised some $50 million to start the project. … [Read More...]

Android Studio 3.3 rolls out with more focus on quality

It’s been four months since Android 3.2 was announced. It rolled out with Android 9 and with all the changes the Pie has received the past months, it’s about time the Android development team introduces the improvements to Android Studio. We’re now at 3.3 and it’s already a stable … [Read More...]

Facial recognition tech still can be duped on some phones

Facial recognition sounds promising and interesting to use but technology has plenty of problems. It’s not really safe according to several sources already. We noted such system offers higher errors for non-white subjects. We noted the 3D facial recognition technology would be delayed until late 2018 but looks like … [Read More...]

Motorola P40 specs detailed, new image out

The year 2018 ended for Motorola with the P40 being teased. It’s not really Lenovo or Motorola’s doing but OnLeaks and 91Mobiles presented the image renders and 360-degree to the public. They simply gave us an idea about how the next-gen Motorola P smartphone will look like. It … [Read More...]

Google Pixel 3 getting LTE Band 48 support via an update

The Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL may not be your top choice when it comes to smartphones but the two certainly have advantages over other current flagships available. The duo offers support for different carrier bands although not all will be ready at launch. Expanded support is being made available incrementally … [Read More...]