Honor Magic 2 teardown reveals the slide-out mechanism

Huawei has made the Honor Magic 2 a revolutionary smartphone because of its unique design. Well, the slider phone isn’t exactly a first of its kind but it’s one of the first Android phones that have implemented the slide-out design following the Oppo Find X, Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, and the … [Read More...]

Qualcomm Snapdragon 8150 benchmarked with high scores

Next year will be more exciting for the mobile industry as new technologies and innovations will be implemented. We’re so looking forward to the foldable-flexible display plus the multiple cameras on upcoming flagship phones. When it comes to AI, we believe phones will get “smarter” with on-… [Read More...]

Razer Phone 2 available from AT&T later this week

The Razer Phone 2 may look a lot like the original version but we can say it is a worthy update. It’s a true upgrade hidden in an old look—–a better version of the first gaming phone that helped start the competition. It still is THE gaming smartphone to beat … [Read More...]

Five LG V-series phones trademarked abroad

LG will remain in the mobile business. We’re sure of that because the other South Korean tech giant has recently registered not just one or two names but five. You read that right—LG has already trademarked the following names: LG V50 , LG V60, LG V70, LG V80, and the LG … [Read More...]

OnePlus 6T Thunder Purple may be sold out of China

The OnePlus 6T has been making waves in different markets outside of China since its official launch less than two weeks ago. The company decided to announce the new flagship phone a day ahead of schedule and we’ve seen it being opened, scratched, burned, and bent. We don’t … [Read More...]

Xiaomi launches officially in the UK

While some OEMs are having a hard time reaching the United States or entering Europe, here’s Xiaomi coming in swiftly and without any problem. It may no longer be the top Chinese OEM having been overtaken by Huawei several times but Xiaomi continues to become popular for all its … [Read More...]