Samsung launches new ISOCELL Slim GH1 sensor

Perhaps not many know this but apart from mobile devices and home appliances, Samsung is also in the business of chipsets and sensors. The ISOCELL department delivers the latest camera sensors being used by most OEMs. The last we heard was that Samsung was working with Xiaomi to come up … [Read More...]

Next-gen Essential device out for early testing

The Essential Phone PH-1 already needs a follow-up. It’s been two years since Andy Rubin showed off the first-gen Essential Phone. It was once controversial yet highly-anticipated smartphone because it was the newest baby of the Father of Android. The device was unveiled, demoed, and then … [Read More...]

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha may have a 108MP camera

Earlier this month, we mentioned the coming of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4. The new Mi Mix phone could be out before September ends and looks like it’s happening soon. It won’t be called the Mi Mix 4 though but as the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha as per several teasers. … [Read More...]

Pixel 4 phone series prices, colors leaked again

Google seems to be all set with the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL launch. The next-gen series is launching very soon and we already told you when and where exactly. Some camera features were found hidden in the Google Camera 7.0 app while prototype has appeared in Vietnam with the 90Hz … [Read More...]

Google Maps Incognito Mode now being tested

The incognito mode is considered helpful by those people who want to keep a low profile. Well, it’s also for safety and security because really, who wants other people to know of their activities on the Internet and on mobile? This stealth mode is being used by many browsers … [Read More...]