I was wrong about retro consoles

The numbers for 2018 are coming in, and it appears the video game industry is getting along just fine. The year turned out to be an alright one for the industry, and it upends predictions that the focus on revisiting older games via remasters and nostalgic re-releases would put a … [Read More...]

TNW’s favorite apps for Windows users in 2018

Microsoft’s app store for Windows has become a fairly impressive library of software for users, and we want our readers to go into the new year with apps that will make their PCs just that much better. To that end, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite apps … [Read More...]

How numb are we to Facebook’s fuck-ups at this point?

Facebook apparently couldn’t get to the end of its awful 2018 without exposing even more user data —  photos, in this case. But at this point, we’re so inoculated to Facebook’s colossal leaks and data breaches that I challenge anyone to summon up a more impassioned response than a slight shrug. … [Read More...]