Terrific Tuesday – Up and Up We Go

Day 6 of the rally. I'm not upset because I wanted to crash, I'm upset because we didn't get a proper correction and now, this low-volume move back up doesn't give me enough confidence to enjoy the rally or assume we'll get to higher highs… [Read More...]

Wednesday Weakovery – Low Volume Rally Gives Us Hope

Quite the bounce. All it took was a few words from China, ;Mexico and, of course, the Fed ;and the market was off to the races again led by the small-cap Russell Index, which is already testing the strong bounce line at 1,510 in the overnights. ; We're still waiting… [Read More...]

25,000 Tuesday – Dow Tests a Critical Line from Below

25,000 or bust! That's what we'll be watching today as the Dow Futures (/YM) rally 116 points (8am) to come back to the 25,000 mark and yesterday, in our live Member Chat Room, we drew out the following bounce lines: Dow 26,700 to 24,700 is 2,000 so huge 400-point bounces to 25,100 (weak)… [Read More...]

Monday Market Mayhem – Stocks Continue Lower

Greetings from Havana! ; ; I'm over in Cuba checking out this Communism thing as, clearly, Capitalism just isn't cutting it anymore and we'll need a better alternative for 2020. Before 1959, Cuba was run by a US-backed regime which was ousted by Fidel Castro, who allied himself with the… [Read More...]

Faltering Thursday (Again) – Trump Tantrum Spooks Markets

The President is losing it. Yesterday, he invited the House and Senate Democrats to meet with him to discuss Infrastructure and they had been discussing $2Tn worth of it but, when they showed up, Trump demanded they drop their investigations or he would not spend any money on Infrastructure… [Read More...]

What Now Wednesday – More Trade BS Halts the Rally

Not again! ; ; Now Trump is "considering" Huawei-like sanctions on Hikvision (a $37Bn company) and ;Zhejiang Dahua Technologies, sending both companies limit-down 10% this morning, even though the US is only 5% of Hikvision's sales. ; Other companies are supposedly on Trump's "list" but they… [Read More...]

Tariffic Tuesday – Markets Bounce Back – Again

What a month this has been! ; It's all over now because Monday is a holiday and EVERYONE (who matters) is out the door early on Friday or Thursday or Wednesday for that matter and they don't come back until next Tuesday or Wednesday or, if they do &#… [Read More...]