Monday Market Movement – Up We Go Again

Trump says we're "talking with China" and that's all it takes. The Dow is up 300 points (1%), pre-market, as are the other indexes but I think it's the Fed's Jackson Hole Conference everyone is looking forward to as the rumor is the Fed… [Read More...]

TGIF – The ECB Takes a Turn at the Stimulus Wheel

More free money! ; ; That's what's got the markets rebounding this morning as the European Central Bank says they are preparing a "very strong package" of stimulus measures for its next policy meeting in September. ; Speaking in his offices in Finland’s capital on Thursday, Olli Rehn said… [Read More...]

Thrilling Thursday – Markets Yanked Around by Every Rumor

Wheeee! ; What fun! ; ; At the moment, the Dow (/YM) Futures are up 200 points after being down over 100 points. ; The downturn was caused by China threatening to escalate the trade war (yet again), with the Minister of Finance saying that China "would take necessary countermeasures" against any new US… [Read More...]

Which Way Wednesday – Recession Worries

Now, where was I? Before we were so rudely interrupted by yesterday's "rally," I was pointing out how there are simply too many macro fears to shrug off and get bullish. ; Despite the 70-point S&P stick on China "news" that we'd be having a… [Read More...]

Tumblin’ Tuesday – Back to 2,880 Again

A bit of a roller-coaster, right? Since we posted this chart last week, we've been right in the range predicted by our 5% Rule™ and, unfortunately, that means we're likely to test 2,850 again and likely to fail it on the way down to 2,700 at the moment, we… [Read More...]

50% Friday – Indexes are Halfway to What?

So far, so good. In the past 3 days, we've taken back 50% of the drop that we had in the prior 3 days but, if you think about it, that's not as strong going up as it was coming down and certainly the volume is fading with just 85M… [Read More...]

Thrilling Thursday – Strong Bounce Lines Tested

We're making some progress. As we noted yesterday, we were looking to take back 2,880 on the S&P 500 and we finished at 2,884 and our next goal is the strong bounce line at 2,910 – after which we can put this weakness behind us and get back to our rally &#… [Read More...]

Monday Market Momentum Continues Ahead of the Fed

How will July end? It ends on Wednesday and Wednesday is Fed day and the FOMC announces their rate decision at 2pm, where a 0.25-0.5 cut is widely expected, followed by a speech by Jerome Powell at 2:30, where he pretends to explain why cuts were necessary for some other reason than… [Read More...]

Philstockworld July Portfolio Review (Members Only)

$2,285,000! ; ; That's up a very healthy $191,432 from our Mid-Year Review ;just 3 weeks ago so I guess we're positioned a bit more bullish than we thought though we have added to our hedges since then. ; There was also a bit of a bounce back as that review… [Read More...]