Will We Hold It Wednesday – Nasdaq 8,000 Edition

8,000 on the Nasdaq Composite! 5,150 was the top in 2,000 before the great crash took it back to 1,200, a 76% drop which took many years to recover from. ; In fact, we only got back to 5,000 in 2016 but here we are, less than 3 years later, up another 3,000 (60%) and no, I don&#… [Read More...]

$2,000 Thursday – Our Webinar Short Pays off Nicely

Wheeee – that was fun! ; ; Yesterday, in our Live Trading Webinar, we picked up two shorts on Gasoline Futures (/RB) after reading the Full Petroleum Status Report ; (released at 1pm) and deciding the run-up to $2.06 ;was miguided. ; We rode out a bit of pain to $2.07 but… [Read More...]

Why Worry Wednesday?

And we're up again in the Futures. Why? ; I don't know why, do we need a reason? ; We closed down yesterday and felt pretty smart about adding more hedges in the Morning Report (and subsequently in our Live Member Chat Room) ;but when the markets closed and the… [Read More...]

Technical Tuesday – Are We Moving Up to a New Range?

Over 2,850 on the S&P 500 (/ES). 2,873, in fact, as of yesterday's close and I really liked this chart by Andrew Lais at Stockcharts on the SPY showing the huge turnaround in buying activity that has fueled what is now a 12.9% rally off the January lows. ; Clearly, sentiment… [Read More...]

Philstockworld March Portfolio Review (Members Only)

And the madness continues. ; ; We just finished the best Q1 in 10 years and, keep in mind, we're at the top of a 300% rally from the 2009 bottom so we're accelerating, not decelerating. ; The Fed is keeping their foot on the gas and the economy isn't showing the… [Read More...]

Which Way Wednesday – Weak Bounce Edition

So close but yet so far. The Futures are down yet again as we revisit yesterday's lows ahead of the open (7:30). ; The bond market is still causing trouble around the World as investors are getting jittery and Draghi came out with some comments this morning about the… [Read More...]

Turnaround Tuesday – Markets Pop Back Just Because

No, nothing happened. ; ; Still, we're up 0.6% pre-market across the board and we're just waiting to see if the Russell can get back over it's Strong Bounce Line at 1,532 to confirm the bullish action of the rest of the indexes. ; As I mentioned in yesterday morning&#… [Read More...]