Trade Talk Thursday – China Negotiations Back On!

Wheeeeeeeee – this is fun! We're up another 1% this morning as Trade Talks between the US and China are now officially scheduled to resume – in "early October" and if that isn't worth another 300 Dow points – I just don't know what is? ; According to… [Read More...]

Fabulous Friday – Finishing the Month with a Bang!

To trade or not to trade? Trump said yesterday that the US and China are scheduled to have a "conversation about trade" without giving any actual details after China said what the media are interpreting as signals they won't retaliate against the latest US increase but I interpreted… [Read More...]

PhilStockWorld August Portfolio Review (Members Only)

$2,075,462! ; That's down $209,538 since our July 28th ;review and back to where we were at the beginning of July so, as we expected, a bit of a wasted summer as we've had a hard time gaining advantage in the market chop. ; The challenge has been protecting the… [Read More...]

Manic Monday Market Movement

How crazy is this? After trading over ;the top of the ;Strong Bounce line at 26,100 for 3 straight days, the Dow (/YM) and all the other indexes dove ;right back below their weak bounce lines and almost made it back to our baselines – with the Russell (/RTY) bouncing… [Read More...]

Monday Market Movement – Up We Go Again

Trump says we're "talking with China" and that's all it takes. The Dow is up 300 points (1%), pre-market, as are the other indexes but I think it's the Fed's Jackson Hole Conference everyone is looking forward to as the rumor is the Fed… [Read More...]

TGIF – The ECB Takes a Turn at the Stimulus Wheel

More free money! ; ; That's what's got the markets rebounding this morning as the European Central Bank says they are preparing a "very strong package" of stimulus measures for its next policy meeting in September. ; Speaking in his offices in Finland’s capital on Thursday, Olli Rehn said… [Read More...]

Thrilling Thursday – Markets Yanked Around by Every Rumor

Wheeee! ; What fun! ; ; At the moment, the Dow (/YM) Futures are up 200 points after being down over 100 points. ; The downturn was caused by China threatening to escalate the trade war (yet again), with the Minister of Finance saying that China "would take necessary countermeasures" against any new US… [Read More...]

Which Way Wednesday – Recession Worries

Now, where was I? Before we were so rudely interrupted by yesterday's "rally," I was pointing out how there are simply too many macro fears to shrug off and get bullish. ; Despite the 70-point S&P stick on China "news" that we'd be having a… [Read More...]