Monday Market Movement – Still Not Really a Trade Deal?

Happy Indigenous People's Day! China is already warning that there is no substantial trade deal and, in an opinion piece entitled “Let’s nail down ‘phase one’ before moving to the next,” the official Chinese state-owned English newspaper pointed fingers at the Trump administration’s… [Read More...]

Fabulous Friday Finish – Trump Saves the Day?

That's right, we're now expecting Trump to fix everything. ; ; Well, at least fix trade and the markets are up another 1% this morning, now having recovered the vast majority of last week's drop in aniticipation of a Trade Deal with China (which is not going to happen)… [Read More...]

Whipsaw Wednesday – Trade Talks Back On!

Of course China wants to make a deal. Trump is so weak right now they can shove almost any crap down his throat and he'll be happy to sign the papers just to get a "win". ; As we all know, it doesn't matter how awful the trade… [Read More...]

Testy Tuesday – Q4 Begins With a Lot of Concerns

Is Impeachment an Elitist move that shifts power away from the voters? ; ; Of course not, that's idiotic as the voters elected the representatives (by actual majorities) that exercise their Constitutionally Mandated oversight of the President who was, in fact, put in power by an elitist Electoral College that did… [Read More...]

Marked-Up Monday – End of Quarter Window Dressing

It's the last quarter of the decade! ; That's right, we've already gotten through the first two decades of the 21st Century without destroying the planet. ; Unfortunately, the odds are getting a lot higher against us ;for decades 3 and 4 and by 5 we're a long-shot to finish… [Read More...]

S&P 3,000 Friday – Windows Must be Dressed!

And we're back (again). ; ; As we expected, the stops are being pulled out to give us a boost into the end of the quarter and we still have the Fed's Randy Quarles speaking at 8:30 followed by Patrick Harket at noon in order to buffer what's likely to… [Read More...]

Toppy Tuesday (as usual) – Why Did China Go Home?

Trade on! ; ; That's right, now Donald Trump claims he was "surprised" when Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin asked China's trade delegation to cancel a scheduled US Farm Tour. ; That was the cause of Friday's sell-off as the Chinese delegation packed up their toys and went home… [Read More...]

TGIF – Quad Witching Madness

I love CASH!!! ; We cashed in most of ;our Member Portfolios so I'm not at all worried about what will happen today. ; It's the end of the quarter for options and Futures (2 kinds of each) so "quad witching" and these days can have some violent swings… [Read More...]