Two Photographers Traveled to the Arctic to Capture Powerful Images of the Rapidly Militarizing Region. See Their Work Here

In the summer of 2018, documentary photographers Kadir van Lohuizen and Yuri Kozyrev travelled to the Arctic territory and battled through harsh conditions to document the changing terrain. What they found—a climate in collapse, evacuated indigenous communities, and a swath of land that is quickly being militarized—is a stark warning to … [Read More...]

Sotheby’s Auctions Its First AI Work For a Modest $51,000

Sotheby’s dipped its toes into the market for artwork created using artificial intelligence this morning in London, selling a work by Mario Klingemann titled Memories of Passersby I. The innovative installation by a pioneer of AI art went for £40,000 ($51,012) with fees. The first auction of an AI … [Read More...]