How Twitter’s Jack Dorsey became Bitcoin’s unlikely champion

Blockchain has a new unexpected hero: Twitter’s Jack Dorsey. Although up until recently the cryptocurrency community would routinely grill Dorsey over Twitter’s notorious Bitcoin giveaway scam epidemic, the micro-blogging service’s chief has found a new fandom among staunch Bitcoin supporters; and it all began on the Joe Rogan’s podcast, … [Read More...]

Hackers pocketed $878,000 from cryptocurrency bug bounties in 2018

While hardcore cryptocurrency enthusiasts often tout blockchain for its heightened security, the technology is not perfect – and there are often tons of vulnerabilities in the code. Indeed, blockchain companies have received at least 3,000 vulnerability reports in 2018 alone. According to stats from breach disclosure platform HackerOne, blockchain companies awarded $878,504 … [Read More...]

5 of the best podcasts to get you into cryptocurrency and blockchain

Getting into blockchain and cryptocurrency can be pretty threatening to newbies – especially because the space is so flush with buzzwords and fancy marketing lingo. Usually, we would recommend going straight to the source and catching up on the original Bitcoin white paper, as laid out by its mysterious Satoshi … [Read More...]

Ohio set to become first US state to accept Bitcoin for taxes

In what could be the biggest institutional nod of approval to cryptocurrencies across the globe, Ohio is set to become the first state to accept Bitcoin for tax payments. Starting this week, Ohio businesses can pay anything from tobacco to public utilities tax on, The Wall Street Journal … [Read More...]

Stock photos trying to look bleak are the best thing on Twitter now

While stock photography has widely become synonymous with bland imagery marked by a stark disillusionment with reality, the internet has begun to gradually reclaim these once discarded images and mould them into high-quality meme culture material. Curated by video game journalist Andy Kelly, Dark Stock Photos is a hilarious … [Read More...]