20% of Remote Workers Struggle with Loneliness

More people are working remotely and in most cases they are doing it alone. This is responsible for 20% of remote workers saying they struggle with loneliness. This according to the 2020 State of Remote Work Report by Buffer and AngelList. As more people work remotely, it is important to ask… [Read More...]

New Skype Features Improve Workflow for Small Businesses

Work has evolved to mean anywhere and anytime, and this is made possible because of digital technology. And platforms like Skype are adding more features to the collaborative and communications process to increase productivity. A little over two months ago Skype added screen sharing, call recording, and subtitles on mobile… [Read More...]

10 Ways to Accomplish Your Top Sales Priorities

The internet has empowered the consumer/client, and this has changed the way sales pros go about their business. For companies training sales candidates, it means making these and other changes brought on by digital technology part of the process. A new infographic by the RAIN Group, titled, “10 Ways… [Read More...]

Income for Independent Professionals Increases

The number of independent workers in the U.S. is on a steady rise. According to a 2018 NPR/Marist poll, one in five American workers are contract workers. And increasingly the professionals in this segment are getting highly competitive wages. The latest report from Upwork identifies the 20 highest-paying skills… [Read More...]

Engage Talent Offers AI Services for Employee Retention

Employee retention is always a challenge, but when unemployment rates are at historic lows, it becomes that much harder. What if you could find a solution which could predict turnover? According to ENGAGE Talent, the predictive assessment it offers measures the likelihood of a candidate looking for new options. In… [Read More...]