Mysterious Acquisition Pushes BTC Prices Above $5,000

Bitcoin prices have finally pushed back above $5,000 having gained around 25% in the last 2 days. News agency Reuters have identified a 20,000 BTC order, equivalent to around $100 million in value, which could have helped spur the bull run. Investors and analysts are watching to see if prices can hold … [Read More...]

Bitcoin Ready for Another Run at $4,000

Cryptocurrency investors saw Bitcoin prices briefly reach $4,000 yesterday. While they have retreated back below this resistance level, they remain above $3,900 and look set to rally with another run, backed by the highest daily trading volume of 2019. To support the view that the bulls may be ready for a … [Read More...]

Nasdaq Adds Bitcoin and Litecoin Indices to Its Products

In a move that investors hope will increase the popularity of cryptocurrency with institutional investors, Nasdaq has said that it will launch two indices that track cryptocurrency prices. The Bitcoin Liquid Index and Ethereum Liquid Index will be available from February 25 and will update with live prices every 30 seconds. Nasdaq … [Read More...]

Bitcoin Prices Pegged Back After Early Gains

Having reached a daily high of $3,429.97 following morning gains of more than 3%, Bitcoin prices slipped back to around $3,413, although they have regained some momentum at $3,419 at 15:30 GMT. Yesterday’s prices represented the lowest spread since October 31 with just a difference of $33 between high and low. The … [Read More...]

Potential Russia Supply Increase Causes Oil Drop

The announcement that Russia has additional supply capacity that it could use to increase market stability has seen oil prices slip back further on Tuesday, following on from further drops on Monday. There was seemingly some confusion over a phone call between US President, Donald Trump, and King Salman of … [Read More...]

Oil Makes Gains on Easing of US-China Tensions

Tensions between the USA and China look to have eased slightly, allowing oil prices to head upwards and make small gains. Brent Crude was trading at $68.10 per barrel with WTI Crude trading at $63.35. Futures also rose with Brent crude for June up 27 cents (0.4%) to $68.29 and … [Read More...]