Bitcoin Prices Still Laboring at Around $10,400

Having dipped below $10,000 twice in the past 7 days, Bitcoin continues to languish at around the $10,400 mark. The cryptocurrency fell below $10,500 on August 14th, and despite attempts to retake this position, it has so far failed to do so. However, the asset is posting higher lows while resting … [Read More...]

Bitcoin Continues to Trade Horizontally at $11,400

Bitcoin traders are enjoying a momentary lull in the asset’s price volatility as it continues to trade at around the $11,400 mark. Having briefly dipped below $10,000 several times in July, Bitcoin prices rose at the beginning of August. On August 1st, the world’s largest cryptocurrency was trading … [Read More...]

Bitcoin Passes $12,000 but Quickly Retreats $1,000

Bitcoin prices passed the $12,000 mark today for the first time in nearly a month, but soon after making the breakthrough, BTC prices fell by $400. Prices fell another $400 several hours later. The cryptocurrency had previously closed in the green for 7 consecutive days, having started August with a price … [Read More...]

Bitcoin Recovers to $12,000 Following Price Tumble

Bitcoin prices have stabilized today, after falling as low as $10,500 yesterday. The digital currency is currently trading at just over $12,000. Most of the top 20 list of cryptocurrency coins have dropped in the past 24 hours, although a number of lower market capitalization coins have been able to make some … [Read More...]

Crypto Markets Down Following Bitcoin Flash Crash

All major cryptocurrencies have taken a tumble in trading today, led by double figure drops for Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. In fact, Chainlink (LINK) is the top coin, currently ranked 21st by market capitalization, to post any gains for the past 24 hour period. The tumble comes following a flash … [Read More...]

Bitcoin Breaks $13,500 and Looks for Even More Gains

Bitcoin prices are going full throttle, as the digital currency broke $13,000 today and peaked at $13,850, less than 24 hours after breaking $12,000. There is very little resistance between Bitcoin’s current price and all time high prices of around $20,000, leading many to speculate that the impressive gains are … [Read More...]

Bitcoin Prices Soar to $9,000 on Facebook and Binance News

The world’s largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, saw its prices rise to more than $9,300 on Sunday, representing a new 2019 high price. Although prices have stalled a little, currently trading around $9,000, some analysts believe momentum could carry the digital currency as high as $10,000 before the next major pullback. The … [Read More...]

Bitcoin Prepares for Another Attempt to Retake $8,000

Bitcoin prices are preparing for another run at $8,000, having spent the last week trading in a tight band between $7,600 and $7,950. Most major alt coins have followed a similar trajectory over the past seven days, with Litecoin proving to be the exception. Bitcoin saw a major price recovery … [Read More...]

Bitcoin Price Smashes $8,000 and Looks Towards $9,000

Bitcoin bulls took charge over the weekend, smashing through the $8,000 barrier and consolidating prices. The cryptocurrency reached new highs for the year, trading at $8,900 on Sunday, May 26. Market capitalization also rose to $150 billion. Analysis also shows that Bitcoin’s tweet volume is currently nearly double the average … [Read More...]

Bitcoin Bulls Take Another Run at $8,000

Even by its own tumultuous standards, Bitcoin has had a turbulent month. Investors were rejoicing a profitable April, with prices at the start of May being around $5,500. By May 14, the cryptocurrency had increased more than 50% to reach $8,000. It even made a pass at $8,300, but the bulls … [Read More...]

Bitcoin Surges past $7,000 and Looks for Further Gains

Some traders are claiming alt season is upon us, as Bitcoin prices rose 15% in the space of 24 hours, pushing through resistance at $6,800 and $7,000 to trade at prices not seen since last September. Other top cryptocurrencies saw similarly impressive gains over the period. Facebook, who are heavily involved … [Read More...]

Bitcoin Tops $6,000 Despite Binance Hack

Bitcoin prices have topped $6,000 for the first time in 2019, reaching an annual high and seemingly becoming oblivious to bad news, as the rise coincided with news that Binance had been hacked and had $40 million of Bitcoin stolen. Other cryptocurrencies have also seen green in the past few days, … [Read More...]