He Wore Many Hats Too But Never Indoors

Sometimes it’s the littlest things that trip you up. I’ve drawn hundreds, maybe thousands of office cartoons replete with desks and name plates on those desks. They’re usually the simplest things to draw. And, to be fair, the desk and name plate here were very simple to… [Read More...]

Irony as a Management Tool

I tend to do a fair amount of business cartoons, so to stay up on trends and jargon I read a lot of business books and magazines. Well, to be fair, I skim, but still … Advice on creating and nurturing customer loyalty is fairly common, but I ran across… [Read More...]

It’s All Fun and Games Until …

Often cartoon writing is simply collecting little nuggets of interest. Some nuggets you twist, some nuggets you shine a light on, and some nuggets you group with other nuggets. This cartoon wrote itself using that last method. I read an article talking about gamification and thought to myself “there&#… [Read More...]

Another Example of Technology Driving Innovation

Often when I write these little narratives up I have a general idea of where the cartoon came from. The details might be a little hazy, and I’m inclined to exaggerate for comic effect, so you probably get around 70 percent accuracy. This cartoon, however, I can tell you exactly where… [Read More...]

Does Your Business Have a Clear Vision?

I don’t get a lot of email from readers, but my favorite ones are usually of the “I don’t get this” variety. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to intentionally confuse people, but occasionally an idea comes to me that I know will solicit those emails. And it kind… [Read More...]