Is There an App for This?

I like westerns. I know they’re slow and quiet and there’s a lot of eyes darting and waiting nervously before the final gunfight, but I like them. So one day I was thinking about the shootout at high noon and wondered if there might sometimes be some sort… [Read More...]

Who’s Leading Whom?

I can’t remember where I heard “Leadership Seminar,” but almost immediately this idea of being led there popped into my head. It took a bit to get the font large enough to be readable, but thin enough for three signs, and I had to research those little… [Read More...]

He Wore Many Hats Too But Never Indoors

Sometimes it’s the littlest things that trip you up. I’ve drawn hundreds, maybe thousands of office cartoons replete with desks and name plates on those desks. They’re usually the simplest things to draw. And, to be fair, the desk and name plate here were very simple to… [Read More...]

Irony as a Management Tool

I tend to do a fair amount of business cartoons, so to stay up on trends and jargon I read a lot of business books and magazines. Well, to be fair, I skim, but still … Advice on creating and nurturing customer loyalty is fairly common, but I ran across… [Read More...]

It’s All Fun and Games Until …

Often cartoon writing is simply collecting little nuggets of interest. Some nuggets you twist, some nuggets you shine a light on, and some nuggets you group with other nuggets. This cartoon wrote itself using that last method. I read an article talking about gamification and thought to myself “there&#… [Read More...]