Steve King rallies with support from the far-right

In the past week, it appeared the long overdue backlash to Rep. Steve King (R-IA) and his white nationalism had finally arrived. After ignoring King’s racism for years, congressional Republicans struck a different tone, admonishing King and stripping him of committee assignments. But now, that backlash has prompted … [Read More...]

Alex Jones is trying to worm his way back into the mainstream

Remember Alex Jones? For much of 2018, the conspiracy theorist used his wildly popular Infowars show to spread his noxious claims on multiple platforms, antics that included attacking teenage mass shooting survivors, threatening Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and claiming NASA controls the U.S. government. That all came to a crashing … [Read More...]

Facebook cozying up to banks is extremely worrying

The hits just keep on coming for Facebook. On Tuesday evening, the New York Times published a major new investigation which revealed that a number of large companies and big tech platforms were given access to users’ personal data without their knowledge or consent. The “business partnerships,” which … [Read More...]

FBI does U-turn on Proud Boys ‘extremist’ label

The FBI is backtracking on labeling the Proud Boys an “extremist” group, just days after law enforcement documents seemed to indicate that the agency planned to give the group that designation. The documents, which were first reported by the Guardian and then numerous other media outlets including ThinkProgress in … [Read More...]