At CPAC, Trump serves up red meat to his base

NATIONAL HARBOR, MD — It’s nearing lunchtime at CPAC, and thousands of attendees crammed into the main hall are hungry. They’ve been waiting since morning for a juicy, Trump-branded steak worthy of conservative talking points. The President didn’t disappoint them. Through a meandering, hour-plus-long … [Read More...]

At CPAC, the Red Scare is in full swing

NATIONAL HARBOR, MD — From the very start of CPAC 2019, the dreaded “s” word was on everyone’s lips. Former White House adviser Sebastian Gorka declared that “socialism is here in America,” noting a recent study which found that 40 percent of Americans described themselves as socialist, to … [Read More...]

Tommy Robinson has been kicked off Facebook for good

Tommy Robinson, a one time mortgage fraudster who has morphed into a crucial linchpin in the global far right, has been permanently banned from both Facebook and Instagram. The company announced the decision on Tuesday morning, explaining that Robinson had repeatedly engaged in “organized hate.” “When ideas … [Read More...]