Did You Catch Michael Caine’s Cameo in Dunkirk?

Since Batman Begins in 2005, every one of Christopher Nolan’s movies has featured longtime collaborator Michael Caine. But if you knew that bit of trivia and wondered where Caine would show up in Dunkirk, only to be puzzled when Caine didn’t appear, fear not: Caine’s voice — just not his … More… [Read More...]

Gifted’s Most Bittersweet Chris Evans–Jenny Slate Moments

Honestly, thank you Marc Webb for giving us Gifted, the syrupy-sweet family drama that brought together Hollywood’s most lovingly mismatched couple (and, eventually, Hollywood’s most lovingly mismatched pair of friendly exes). Chris Evans plays a down-and-out uncle battling his prickly mother for custody of his genius niece… [Read More...]