AT&T 5G break though 1 Gigabit barrier

AT&T has recently taken a lot of flak for the misleading 5G “Evolution” it has put on smartphones but that doesn’t mean it isn’t actually making headway in well, the evolution of 5G networks. There might still be some marketing involved here but when it announced … [Read More...]

iPhone 11 schematics feed our biggest fear

Some Apple fans have bemoaned how the company may have lost its touch when it comes to design. A series of missteps and questionable decisions have led some to lose confidence in Cupertino’s once famous design chops. It’s not over yet. If this new leak for what is … [Read More...]

AirPower does exist according to AirPods box

Apple just had its services-centric event and, as expected, no new hardware was announced. Unless you count a plastic card as hardware. Expected but still disappointing, no mention was made of Apple’s most fashionably late product. But if its existence was still in doubt, Apple itself has confirmed … [Read More...]