BREAKING: Fiona Hill Smart, Devin Nunes Full Of Cow Sh*t

Fiona Hill’s testimony on Thursday was incredible. Her opening statement was incredible, as she looked directly at Trump-fondling GOP congressmen like Fucking Devin Nunes and Jim Jordan and World’s Stupidest Podiatrist Brad Wenstrup and told them in no uncertain terms that their conspiracy theories about UKRAINE IS THE REAL … [Read More...]

THE GORDON PROBLEM. Impeachment Liveblog, Day Four!

HOLY SHIT THE WEBSITE WAS DOWN BUT THEN IT ROSE AGAIN ON THE THIRD DAY. LET’S GOOOOOOOOOOO.OK, it is time for testimony from Gordon Sondland, AKA the Gordon Problem, and guys? He’s admitting everything. Guess he saw Roger Stone going to prison partially for lying to Congress and decided … [Read More...]


Have we mentioned today that it is GO TIME? Yes, we think we have. TWICE! And here we are to say it again! Nancy Pelosi is pullin’ the caucus together for a family meeting in a few minutes about the whos and the wheres of how to impeach the open … [Read More...]

Stephen Miller Reportedly Doing Coitus

Forget about the whistleblower story about Donald Trump probably committing literal actual treason, because there is more important news out there, and it is that unfuckable Trump sycophant mini-Hitler baldhead dork who makes “34” look like a really rough “60” Stephen Miller IS REPORTEDLY BONING A HUMAN … [Read More...]