Your Weekly Top Ten Has A VERY GOOD DOG

DOG Oh hi, it is time for your Saturday top ten post! Usually we have Wonkette Toddler pictures in this post, but Wonkette Toddler is golfing with the king of France or something, like she does, so this week we have pictures of OUR VERY GOOD DOG. You see, we … [Read More...]

Lindsey Graham And Donald Trump Are ON A BREAK!

Over the past couple months, we’ve been very worried about GOP Senator Lindsey Graham. It’s not that Graham is usually a good or smart senator, but he relishes his independent streak, or shall we say, he relishes that the Beltway media thinks he’s a mini-maverick like… [Read More...]

Your Weekly Top Ten Is Exhausted By 2018 Already

Exclusive never before seen picture from 2017! Oh hi! It’s your first top ten post of the new year! Aren’t you glad we had such a FUCKING BONKERS SHITSHOW news week to start off? No? OK, us neither. Anyway, your new and improved 2018 top ten posts are going to … [Read More...]