Jacob Wohl Spits Up Own Dick Again

If you’ll remember, the last time Jacob Wohl and his … roommate? … Jack Burkman threw a press conference, it was for their fake Robert Mueller sexual assault accuser who was gonna show up, except she decided not to, and then she later admitted it was completely made up. Today’s press conference … [Read More...]

Let’s Mock Jacob Wohl Some More, Because F*ck That Guy

By now you’ve already read the latest story of young, uncanny valley-looking garbage baby Jacob Wohl setting his own dick on fire and eating it, by trying to trick gay Republican twinks ‘n’ otters into falsely claiming that Pete Buttigieg sexually assaulted them. (If you haven’t, by all means … [Read More...]

Your Weekly Top Ten Has A New BABY DOG!

OK just fooling, we PERSONALLY do not have a new baby dog, as Lula, who is 15, would not permit that. She is queen of her castle and though she enjoys play dates and sleepovers with other dogs, her house is HER HOUSE.But your editrix got one! Her name is … [Read More...]


Did Jerry Nadler stutter? Did Attorney General Bill Barr think Nadler was somehow bluffing when he said that if the Mueller report wasn’t on his desk by 11:59 PM last night, it would be subpoena-thirty, motherfuckers? Or does Bill Barr just not care, because Bill Barr does not care about … [Read More...]