Trump Had A Playdate With A Fellow Fascist Dipsh*t Today

An unhinged wannabe fascist who tweets about golden showers did a news conference in the Rose Garden this afternoon. Also, Donald Trump was there.Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro is in town, and everything about today’s public appearance with Trump and Bolsonaro has been real stupid, just like how it was … [Read More...]

Putin’s Latest Fascist Law Will Make Trump Jizz Himself SILLY

Time for a quick dispatch from Russia, where Donald Trump’s handler Vladimir Putin just signed a law that would/will make Trump literally squeal with jealousy. Tell us, Bloomberg:President Vladimir Putin signed laws punishing online media and individuals for spreading “fake news” or material that’s considered insulting to Russian … [Read More...]


Whew! Another five-day week that felt like a 76-day week! We got nothing to say to you besides let’s do this countdown, and also please click the buttons for give us money, because as usual, Wonkette is only supported by loving readers like you, so if you love us … [Read More...]

Mitt Romney Bad At Birthday Cake

Mitt Romney is normal human man. Mitt Romney love 12th day of month of March, because like all people who are normal human man, Mitt Romney has birthday, and all his birthdays are on the 12th day of the month of March. Mitt Romney is 72-many years old today! Mitt… [Read More...]

HOLY JESUS F*CK! Your Michael Cohen Liveblog!

The internet said Michael Cohen’s testimony before the House Oversight Committee would be ‘SPLOSIVE, and the internet was for once correct! Cohen came not to offer a different take on Donald Trump and his presidency, but to beat Trump about the face with a shovel, make Trump dig his own… [Read More...]