My two years with Nintendo Switch

It’s hard to believe it, but the Switch has been around for two years now. The console celebrated its second birthday earlier this week, and since its been quite the ride for both Nintendo and its fans, we’re taking a look back at those years to give a … [Read More...]

Bixby button remapping arrives on older Galaxy phones

When Samsung announced the Galaxy S10, it surprised us all by also revealing that the dedicated Bixby button can finally be remapped. Galaxy flagship owners have been asking for this functionality ever since the Bixby button started appearing on Samsung’s phones, but Samsung showed no signs of budging until … [Read More...]

Nintendo Store Japan incoming: More flagships soon?

Though Nintendo has had its hand in various retail stores through the years (like the Pokemon Centers that dot Japan), there’s only one official Nintendo Store. While you might think that sole Nintendo Store is located in Japan along with most of the world’s Pokemon Centers, it’s … [Read More...]