Windows 10 hits a big milestone ahead of Surface event

At this point, it seems that Windows 10 is something of an unstoppable force. Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 10 is now running on 900 million devices around the world. That means Windows 10 is on track to hit one billion devices at some point in 2020, which will be a pretty monumental achievement when … [Read More...]

Google details new Stadia Premiere Edition contents

Google Stadia is set to launch at some point in November, and at launch, the only way to play is by purchasing the Stadia Founder’s Edition. Though the service will eventually be offered for free without a hardware bundle required, that won’t be happening until sometime in 2020. What … [Read More...]

My two years with Nintendo Switch

It’s hard to believe it, but the Switch has been around for two years now. The console celebrated its second birthday earlier this week, and since its been quite the ride for both Nintendo and its fans, we’re taking a look back at those years to give a … [Read More...]