And Your Proud 2018 Razzie Winners Are…

Okay, let’s just cut to the chase here. You know it, we know it, even educated fleas know it — The Emoji Movie was crowned Worst Picture at the 2018 Razzie Awards. It was a hard fight, with brief attempts made by Baywatch and The Mummy to steal its thunder, … More… [Read More...]

Notting Hill’s Emma Chambers Dead at 53

Emma Chambers, who’s perhaps best known for her role in the beloved 1999 romantic comedy Notting Hill, has died at the age of 53. Deadline reports that her agent confirmed the news, saying her death was due to “natural causes.” In addition to her supporting role in Notting Hill — … More… [Read More...]

A Handy Guide to Mike Schur’s Favorite Actors

To say sitcom maestro Mike Schur (Parks and Recreation, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Good Place, The Office) has a faithful legion of actors on his side would be an understatement. Here’s a man who knows who he likes! To get a better sense of just how interconnected these shows really… [Read More...]