The Best Water-Soluble Fabric Markers for Disappearing Ink

Water-soluble fabric markers are magical: Now you see it . . . and now you don’t! These markers are a fabulous way to trace patterns and transfer designs when quilting, sewing, and embroidering. The marker lines are there when you need them—while you’re working—but vanish from your completed project. Inks vary in … [Read More...]

The Best Safety Pins for Holding It Together

Safety pins are ubiquitous these days, but where did they come from? The first clothing fasteners date back to the ancient Mycenaeans, who began using clips called fibulae during the 14th century BC. However, the modern safety pin in the form of a twisted wire with spring action and a … [Read More...]

ARTnews in Brief: Mary-Dailey Desmarais Named Director of Curatorial Division at Montreal Museum of Fine Arts—and More from July 6, 2020

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts Makes Appointment to Newly Created Director of Curatorial Division Post Mary-Dailey Desmarais has been named director of the curatorial division at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. Desmarais joined the institution in 2014 as associate curator, and she has since worked as curator of international … [Read More...]

The Best Beading Needles for Ornate Projects

Use beads to add interest and texture to embroidery and stitching. Seed beads can be hard enough to spot, let alone to thread: save time and energy with a beading needle. (Magnifying glasses sold separately.) An essential tool for off-loom bead-weaving and embroidery projects, beading needles are … [Read More...]