Watch: US Navy shoots down a (fake) nuclear missile in space

The US Missile Defense Agency recently destroyed a fake nuclear warhead launched into space. Released last week, a video from defense contractor Raytheon, shows a ballistic missile launch from the Pacific Missile Range Facility in Kuai, Hawaii. Also in that video is footage of its interceptor technology, Standard Missile-3 Block … [Read More...]

FaceApp cheers up sad paintings at Dutch museum

Let an illustrator loose in a museum with a popular mobile app and all hell breaks loose. Olly Gibbs, a freelance illustrator from London recently visited the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam armed with his trusty mobile phone and FaceApp, a popular application with technology similar to what you’d find in the … [Read More...]

New app aims to curb drunken impulse purchases

A mobile payment system wants to stop you from making regrettable purchases while drunk. DrnkPay, an app developed by financial consultants iBE TSE, connects to your credit card and pumps the brakes on that rubber horse mask purchase you just had to make after seeing it on a ‘hilarious’ YouTube … [Read More...]

HoloLens inventor declares ‘the phone is already dead’

“The phone is already dead,” says Microsoft’s Alex Kipman. “People just haven’t realized.” Kipman predicts a future dominated by hybrid devices capable of augmenting the world around us, similar to his creation, the HoloLens. It’s a provocative statement, but it lacks substance in the near-term. The mobile … [Read More...]

Red HTC U 11 surfaces in leaked virtual render

As always, leaked renders of devices should be taken with a grain of salt. That said, Onleaks, who is responsible for the HTC U 11 leak, is typically pretty reliable. These types of renders are based on CAD drawings and typically leaked from the factory where the phone is manufactured, or … [Read More...]