2019: Year of the Pokémon

Forget the year’s big movies, books, albums, and video games: 2019 is the year of the Pokémon. “It’s a huge year for Pokémon and this week is a really great microcosm of that,” J.C. Smith, consumer marketing director for The Pokémon Company International, told Variety in a recent … [Read More...]

Insomniac Games: From Purple Dragon to Incredible Spidey

In another reality, Extreme Software would be turning 25 Thursday, a game studio made famous by its original creations of purple dragon, of orange interstellar raccoon, of human Resistance. Famous for creating, most recently, the best Spider-Man — some would argue best superhero — video game of all time. But … [Read More...]

Video Game Review: ‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’

Ultimate is a dangerous word. Inviting finality and infinity in one breath, the ultimate version of something must gaze into its own history and emerge at the edge of mortal abyss, promising everything hereunto the future: a culmination and conclusion, simultaneously. It’s usually one of those things that’s a goal … [Read More...]

PlayStation 4 Black Friday Deals

PlayStation 4 had a great run and its going strong into the holidays with price drops on the console, the PSVR (a must-buy with its increasingly fantastic library of games) as well as some other fantastic price drops. This holiday, and its inevitable big sales of Black Friday and Cyber … [Read More...]

Epic Games Gets $1.25 Billion Investment From Seven Firms

Epic Games, creators of the Unreal Game engine used for developing video games and popular battle royale title “Fortnite,” received a $1.25 billion investment from more than a half-dozen investment firms, the company announced Friday. KKR, ICONIQ Capital, Smash Ventures, aXiomatic, Vulcan Capital, Kleiner Perkins, and Lightspeed … [Read More...]