One Talent Agency Breaks Ranks, Sides With Writers

Will this start some dominos falling or reinforce the agencies’ intransigence? “Verve, a young Los Angeles agency focusing primarily on writers, is the biggest agency so far to make peace with the opposition, though it is far smaller than the four major Hollywood agencies that are at the center… [Read More...]

The Vanishing Stars Of Bengali Folk Theatre

Jatra stars used to be major celebrities, but now they have to work second (or third) jobs to make ends meet. “Jatra originated in Bangladesh and the eastern Indian states of Odisha and Bihar. It’s a living and vibrant form of theater, usually performed on open-air stages… [Read More...]

Fighting Visual Clichés About Africa

Aïda Muluneh once worked as a photojournalist for The Washington Post. That didn’t go perfectly. “‘Are you an artist, or are you a journalist?’ her boss asked.” By now, the answer is clear: “Muluneh’s art isn’t coy. It deals in high-stakes disparities: Africa… [Read More...]

Las Vegas Has Become A Literary Hub

Yes, Las Vegas: “The Strip is still, and ever shall be, as Joan Didion described it, ‘bizarre and beautiful in its venality and in its devotion to immediate gratification.’ But a recent infusion of money, people and The Believer, a literary magazine, have kindled an already present… [Read More...]