Poetry Is Cool Again!

Times are changing, and poets? Well, they draw huge crowds. “The face of poetry in the United States looks very different today than it did even a decade ago, and far more like the demographics of Millennial America. If anything, the current crop of emerging poets anticipates the face … [Read More...]

The Push To Erase A Monumental Gender Gap

Time’s just about up for dude-focused statuary: “In the United States, there are about 5,200 public statues depicting historical figures, according to The Smithsonian’s Art Inventories Catalog. Very few of those — fewer than 400, according to one account in The Washington Post — are of women.” [Read More...]

Restoring Some Painted-Over Banksy Murals In Glasgow

The murals were part of the artist’s early work, in a 2001 exhibition. “Six years later, and long after Banksy had established himself as an international artist, the murals were covered with grey emulsion during refurbishment work at the nightclub.” Oops. Now, carefully, they’re being uncovered again. [Read More...]