So How Has Tumblr Survived Its First Year Without Porn?

Better than many people had predicted, actually. Yes, reports Kaitlyn Tiffany, traffic took a very big hit. Even so, “without porn, Tumblr still has plenty: photography, studying, The Sims, cats, dogs, reptiles, ‘fitness’ … [The site remains] a vibrant tangle of memes and mini-communities.” – The… [Read More...]

Conductor Mariss Jansons Dead At 76

He was born and raised in Soviet-occupied Latvia and trained in what was then Leningrad; he became well-known in the West as music director of the Oslo Philharmonic and then the Pittsburgh Symphony. “In the first decades of this century he was frequently awarded the accolade of… [Read More...]

‘Star Wars’ Saga As Kabuki, Literally

“Star Wars Kabuki-Rennosuke and The Three Light Sabers, which are being staged in Tokyo, will combine plots from each of the franchise’s latest trilogy, substituting plots drawn from the days of feudal clan rivalry with drama from a galaxy far, far away. Ichikawa Ebizo XI, Japan’s… [Read More...]

Audible Is Becoming A Serious Theatre Company

“It’s not that plays are new to recordings, or that corporations never before invested in the stage. What is novel is how this company is commissioning dramatists to write plays for its global listener base and at the same time curating them for a narrower market of theatergoers… [Read More...]

World’s Biggest Secondhand Book Market Could Be In Danger

With a history going back almost 150 years, College Street in Kolkata “has every imaginable type of text, available in Bengali, English, Mandarin, Sanskrit, Dutch, and every dialect in between. Precious first editions and literary classics sit cheek by jowl with medical encyclopedias, religious texts, and pulp fiction, often precariously… [Read More...]

Alone Among Australia’s Big Arts Festivals, Adelaide Refuses To Engage With Country’s Past And Present

“Perth and Sydney have recognised [their responsibilities] by commissioning diverse local artists working in diverse forms. These festivals are engaging with their place in contemporary culture by supporting local artistic communities, and reflecting stories of their cities back to their audiences. Meanwhile, Adelaide has continued down a well worn… [Read More...]