What Are Orchestral Musicians For?

Years ago, before I was shown the door, I briefly taught at the Manhattan School of Music within their graduate program for aspirant orchestral musicians. My intention was to impart some knowledge about the history of the orchestra in order to shed light on the decline of orchestras and of … [Read More...]

Choreographer Janis Claxton, 53

“Claxton’s drive to make dance happen took her globe-trotting beyond her adopted country, Scotland, to Australia [her birthplace], New Zealand, the USA, Japan, Taiwan, India, Spain and the Netherlands. Her passion for prising dance out of conventional spaces, revealing it to the ‘accidental audience’ saw her … [Read More...]

Academy Backs Off ‘Best Popular Film’ Oscar

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced that it will “postpone” introducing the new category, which was met with widespread scorn when it was announced last month. Said the AMPAS president, “There has been a wide range of reactions to the introduction of a new award, … [Read More...]

Florence Outlaws Eating In Downtown Streets

“As of September 6, anyone caught eating food outdoors during peak hours in four central streets in the Tuscan capital could face a fine of up to €500. When a city proposes a penalty this steep for the modest crime of nibbling on a snack, it’s clear that tempers … [Read More...]