Nobel Laureate Poet Derek Walcott, 87

Derek Walcott, whose intricately metaphorical poetry captured the physical beauty of the Caribbean, the harsh legacy of colonialism and the complexities of living and writing in two cultural worlds, bringing him a Nobel Prize in Literature, died early Friday morning at his home near Gros Islet in St. Lucia. [Read More...]

Publishers Are Newly Buoyant As London Book Fair Opens

“While it was too early to tell at this year’s book fair, more than one publisher was whistling a happy tune as they entered the Olympia exhibition centre on Tuesday. With print books having a higher average price point than ebooks, and with a weaker pound benefitting exporters – German … [Read More...]

Can We Teach The Brain To Like Art?

Today, the nascent scientific field of neuroaesthetics explores how artistic and aesthetic experiences register in the brain. And there have been other collaborations between museums and neuroscientists, like the 2014 exhibition at London’s National Gallery “Making Colour,” which included an experiment on color perception with guidance from Anya … [Read More...]

State Of California Proposes Debt-Free College. Can It Succeed?

“Lawmakers unveiled plans on Tuesday aiming to eliminate college debt for more than 390,000 students in the University of California and California State University systems. Their plan also calls to reduce costs for the roughly 80,000 students receiving aid to attend the state’s community colleges. The plan has been reported as … [Read More...]

Why Cutting The NEH, NIH, Research, Is Stupid

“Half a century ago the National Endowment for the Humanities was established on the assumption that world leadership could not solely be based on superior power, wealth, and technology, but must also be premised upon worldwide respect for our country’s qualities as a leader in the realm of ideas… [Read More...]

The Very Real Tangible Costs Of Eliminating The NEA

“Its grants are bestowed to all 50 states in the nation, in all congressional districts. Forty percent of the NEA’s budget goes directly to states to spend for themselves, with the proviso that they match the funds dollar for dollar via their own arts agencies—encouraging a further investment in the arts … [Read More...]

Director of Marketing and Communications

The nationally acclaimed Alley Theatre, located in Houston, seeks an experienced arts manager to serve as Director of Marketing and Communications. A key member of the senior management team, this executive will bring significant expertise and strong leadership and strategic skills to the organization while demonstrating a history of success … [Read More...]

Not Funding The Arts Puts A Drag On The Economy

“The NEA estimates that, on average, its grantees raise $9 for every $1 of federal funding they are awarded. The power of that money, cumulatively, is extraordinary; arts organizations revive the fortunes of inner cities and small rural towns; arts programming improves academic outcomes for children; art therapy treats veterans … [Read More...]

Here’s How The Internet Is Now Saving Culture…

“In the last few years, and with greater intensity in the last 12 months, people started paying for online content. They are doing so at an accelerating pace, and on a dependable, recurring schedule, often through subscriptions. And they’re paying for everything. You’ve already heard about the rise of … [Read More...]