Michael Feinstein On Championing Music

Feinstein has been unique in advocating for this music not only onstage and via albums but also through his books, PBS specials and NPR broadcasts, plus his Great American Songbook Foundation and eponymous cabarets and, of late, his work as principal pops conductor for the Pasadena Symphony. – Chicago Tribune… [Read More...]

Just What Qualifies As A “Millennial Novel”?

“As any digital marketeer with their crosshairs on millennials will tell you, the way we “consume” culture has fragmented. Put in less depressing terms, we have a greater range of representative voices to choose from than in Brett Easton Ellis’s decadent brat-pack days. The aim of publishing now… [Read More...]

MCA Denver Gets New Director

Nora Burnett Abrams, 41, will step in to replace Adam Lerner, the director and chief animator who stepped down this June after leading the museum since 2009. The Denver museum saw its attendance grow by 200 percent over the last five years, under his leadership, and has become a gathering place for the… [Read More...]

Deputy Director of Programs, The Djerassi Program

Djerassi Resident Artists Program (djerassi.org) seeks a passionate and skilled arts administrator with grantwriting skills and a commitment to the work of individual artists to fill the position of Deputy Director of Programs. The DDoP works primarily from our office in rural San Mateo County (35 miles south of… [Read More...]

Advertising & Marketing Manager, The Cleveland Orchestra

If you know The Cleveland Orchestra, you know that we promise you the extraordinary! The experience of attending a concert by these world-renowned musicians is like nothing else … filled with powerful, even overwhelming emotions, a place where you can leave the daily grind behind and let the music… [Read More...]

Why Isn’t Hollywood Actively Taking On Climate Change?

So why aren’t there more realistic, or semi-realistic, or, dare it be suggested, hopeful films about climate change? Because, several directors said, it is hard to find financing for movies that risk being real downers and challenge audiences to change their ways. Because mass extinction is soul-crushing and… [Read More...]

How Kristi Edmunds Disrupts The Arts World

“In my late twenties (living in Portland, Oregon as an artist and emerging curator), I recognized that the art institutions at the time had settled on mission-priorities that would follow the conventions of art-historical successes which were long proven and regionally familiar. This left a rather large… [Read More...]