Executive Director – National Art Education Association

The Executive Director will champion visual arts educators and the value of visual arts and design education; lead a strategic vision that further strengthens NAEA, supports its members; and assure the long-term growth and impacts of a diverse professional association. OrganizationThe National Art Education Association (NAEA) advances visual arts… [Read More...]

Are Trigger Warnings At Theatres Useful Context Or…

As part of his PhD research on theatre spectatorship at the University of Toronto, Scott Mealey interviews many audience members and says he’s “shocked” by the level of anxiety many of them “seem to feel as they encounter theatre, especially if it seems unfamiliar in some way. The more I… [Read More...]

Helvetica Gets An Update

Is there any more ubiquitous font than Helvetica? It’s everywhere. Except it’s not. In recent years more and more publishers have eschewed it for other, newer typefaces. And there are some basic problems with the design. So now a refresh… – Wired [Read More...]