Saltz: Border Wall Prototypes Are Minimalist Art

Jerry Saltz: “As with much minimalism, these prototypes are hard-edged geometry and impervious materials brought into the American landscape of the West and arranged to impose order, inspire awe, and try to manage and align mystic political forces — and to make something that while instantly obsolete, like some … [Read More...]

Leila Josefowicz’s Brand Of Maverick Career

She walks an interesting line between unconventionality and orthodoxy. Apart from Kaija Saariaho, whose music she played at her Kennedy Center recital in November, most of her favorite composers are white and male; she reacts vehemently to the idea of selecting a composer by any criteria other than her own … [Read More...]

Norman Lebrecht: Classical Music’s Secrecy Abets Abuse

“Classical music conducts its business behind a screen of secrets, lies and euphemisms. A maestro is never absent without leave, only ‘indisposed’. No maestro ever gets fired. He becomes Emeritus. Truth gets buried beneath a dungheap of flummery. The real reason for the recent departure of at least one classical … [Read More...]

Tate Britain Plans A Rehang Of Its Entire Collection

Alex Farquharson, the director of Tate Britain, is planning a complete rehang of the gallery, five years after the last major transformation of the displays in 2013. In an interview with The Art Newspaper, he outlines a new vision for the collection based on three “pillars”: art and society, history and … [Read More...]

Smithsonian Struggles With Design For Space Around Its Building

“The project involves restoration of the Castle and the Hirshhorn, the addition of an underground visitor center with amenities including restrooms and food service, and upgraded and centralized mechanical systems. The Haupt Garden, which is the roof of the subterranean Quadrangle building, would be replaced and the building’s entrance pavilions … [Read More...]

Executive Director – Newark Symphony Hall

The Executive Director provides leadership and managerial direction, including maximizing revenues, cultivating community relationships, and overseeing all administrative, operational, and financial goals. Organization Newark Symphony Hall (NSH) enjoys a long, rich cultural history as New Jersey’s oldest and largest showcase for the arts, education, and entertainment programming. Originally known as … [Read More...]

Museums Are Having An Admissions-Price Crisis

Perhaps for all visits to cultural institutions by those of us who want to see those institutions thrive and carry on into the future, it’s time to reconsider—not just the math, but the underlying reasons why we believe museums matter, for all of us, regardless of our ability to pay … [Read More...]

Inspired By The Getty’s Pacific Standard Time, Chicago Plans Celebration Of Its Place In Art

In 2012, Terra began convening local curators and scholars, soliciting ideas for publications, exhibits, and programs that would clarify Chicago’s role as a “catalyst and incubator for innovations in art and design.” The result is a still-growing 29-exhibit, 100-plus-program, 60-institution collaborative effort that includes academic research, multiple books … [Read More...]

Can’t Take A Joke? Violinist Sues Over Satire

“Over the last few days, the classical music media has become aware of a small but telling scandal. A Berlin-based concert curator, dramaturg, and VAN contributor named Arno Lücker published a shred on his blog. The video, part of a mashup genre in which new audio tracks are added … [Read More...]

Study: Students Are More Attentive After Learning Outdoors

A carefully designed 10-week study found outdoor lessons “boost subsequent classroom engagement, and boost it a great deal,” writes a research team led by Ming Kuo of the University of Illinois—Urbana-Champaign. “After a lesson in nature, teachers were able to teach for almost twice as long without having … [Read More...]

You’re A Writer? Really?

Writers are so often responding to questions that haven’t explicitly been asked, which perhaps is why our work is so difficult to measure and reward. The system in which we must live says to us, “What are you even for?” [Read More...]

What If Diversity Doesn’t Make Us Better?

“There’s a growing body of evidence that even if diversity— the kind that results from immigration — once made America stronger, it may not be doing so anymore. Robert Putnam, a liberal sociologist at Harvard, found that increased diversity corrodes civil society by eroding shared values, customs and institutions. People … [Read More...]

Claim: New UK Educational Policy Will Divide Society

At a time when creativity, teamwork, adaptability, critical thinking, communication and innovation have been recognised by educators, employers and government as fundamental building blocks for success in society and the workplace in the 21st century, England’s education policy is poised to permit only the brightest and wealthiest to access the … [Read More...]