Early TV-Age Media Theorists Understood A Lot About Our Current Age

These observers captured the moment when civilization turned from typographic culture—itself a massive break from the largely oral culture that preceded it—to electronic media. They’re the metaphorical physicians who noted the first symptoms of a worsening malaise we’re seeing now. In other words, our internet-and-smartphone-driven age does… [Read More...]

Our “Algorithmic Music Culture” Is Making Music Poorer

On the consumer side, streaming and social-media platforms have transformed the nature of music discovery, which was previously more proactive by necessity—requiring manual effort to open up a newspaper, dig through crates at a record store, or attend a live show. Nowadays, “discovery” can be as easy and passive… [Read More...]

Igor Says: Orchestras! Take Risks!

We think we’ve learned not to overlook outsiders. Yet the orchestral scene today remains in thrall to safety. It favours those who’ve studied with the right people, at the right schools and universities and have the right profile and publishers. Composing in the approved idioms is always preferred over something… [Read More...]

Piracy Ring Stole 25,000 Movies, TV Shows And Music

All told, the five men allegedly stole more than 25,000 digital files, including feature films, trailers, TV episodes and audio tracks, which they stored on a server in France, according to U.S. officials. The crime ring also allegedly operated a website called “BollyTNT” used to distribute pirated Bollywood films. &#… [Read More...]

San Bernardino County Museum Association – Executive Director

Reporting to and partnering with the Association Board of Directors (BOD), the Executive Director (ED) is the Association’s primary ambassador and chief fundraiser. OrganizationThe San Bernardino County Museum Association (the Association) solicits, manages, and distributes funds, engages in programs, and advocates to benefit the mission of the San Bernardino County … [Read More...]

Should AI Learn How To Think More Like Human Brains?

Deep learning is good at learning using many fewer connections between neurons, when it has many episodes or examples to learn from. I think the brain isn’t concerned with squeezing a lot of knowledge into a few connections, it’s concerned with extracting knowledge quickly using lots of connections.” &#… [Read More...]