2 Not-so-Secret Secrets for Business Growth

Sponsored Post So you want to grow your company. Business is good — but not good enough. You have bigger dreams. You want double-digit sales growth. Maybe you want to expand to a new market or launch a new product. Well, you can’t just snap your fingers and … [Read More...]

Broadcast Live on Facebook: Quick Cheat Sheet

Nearly 2 billion people have tuned into Facebook Live broadcasts. For businesses, this means there’s a huge audience out there that’s willing to engage with you over real time video. Whether you’re looking to answer questions, show off some behind the scenes shots from your office or showcase… [Read More...]

Quiz: Business Lessons from Crime Movies

It’s easy to learn business lessons from movies that focus on business. But you can also learn business lessons from crime movies. Did you ever stop to consider that many popular crime movies are filled with small business owners, entrepreneurs and self-employed freelancers? After all, it makes for … [Read More...]

Quiz: Small Business Week Trivia

How much do you really know about National Small Business Week? If you’re like most people, you hear about it once a year. And it certainly is a “feel good” event for small business owners, and their employees, customers and suppliers. But do you know the history and… [Read More...]

Inspirational Ronald Reagan Quotes for Small Business

Former U.S. President Ronald Reagan had a great grasp on what it means to be an entrepreneur and small business owner. He understood the challenges faced by small businesses and entrepreneurs, and the magic they create. Ronald Reagan Quotes on Small Business and Entrepreneurs President Reagan (pictured above) not… [Read More...]

Using Crunchbase to Build Your Brand

If you are like me, you are always looking for ways to build your small business brand online. One of the most credible ways, especially for tech companies, involves using Crunchbase to build your brand. We recently created a Crunchbase profile for Small Business Trends Media. It was easy to… [Read More...]

Startup Life Cycle in One Chart

Small business startups go through a typical life cycle of three stages. I’ve observed this startup lifecycle time and again. In fact, I have gone through it myself. If we recognize the three stages, it’s the first step to getting through them successfully. Before I go further, let… [Read More...]