Hennessey upgrades 2019 Lincoln Navigator to 600hp

The performance tuners at Hennessey are well-known for their boutique supercar, the Venom, and custom upgrades for sports cars like the Mustang, Viper, and Corvette, but lately they’ve been turning their eye towards SUVs and pickups. Their latest in this trend is a take on the new 2019 Lincoln … [Read More...]

Netflix announces new Transformers animated series for 2020

Netflix has successfully turned itself into one of the biggest libraries of original and classic animated content, including some of the most recognized anime series, as well as reboots and revivals of series like Voltron and She-Ra. While the streaming video giant has already carried the iconic Transformers animated … [Read More...]

NASA discovers supernova-surviving cosmic dust

Cosmic dust is created as red giant stars die and their material disperses into interstellar clouds. Supernova explosions, which are considered some of the brightest, most powerful forces in the universe, are known to destroy these dust particles with their blast wave, with the current theory being that regions of … [Read More...]

Anthem demo open to all players this weekend

This weekend sees the release of another demo for Anthem, the multiplayer third-person shooter/RPG from BioWare and EA. But unlike last weekend’s “VIP” demo, which got off to a rocky start thanks to heavy server loads and other technical difficulties, this weekend anyone can give it … [Read More...]