The last Apple Watch pop-up store closes next month

When the first Apple Watch launched back in 2015, the lengths Apple went to to promote it as a fashion and luxury item included opening three pop-up stores dedicated to the device alone. Located in London, Paris, and Tokyo, the shops gave potential buyers the opportunity to try the Watch … [Read More...]

Flickr bought by SmugMug photo hosting service

While it pales in popularity compared to the big social networks, photo-sharing site Flickr is still around. Founded in 2004 and purchased by Yahoo in 2005 for over $20 million, Flickr grew to roughly 75 million accounts, but has long been overtaken by social media giants like Facebook and Instagram. But now … [Read More...]

Sega unveils Mega Drive Mini console in Japan

Almost everyone knows how popular Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition and SNES Classic Edition have been over the last two years, with the miniature, pre-loaded consoles selling out almost as soon as they hit shelves. It seems Sega has finally wised up and decided to get in on the … [Read More...]

Galaxy S8, Note 8 get GIF support for Always On Display

Samsung’s flagship smartphones have included the Always On Display (AOD) feature for several years now, giving users a way to glance at essential information like notifications, battery level, and the time, by keeping these details constantly displayed even when the device is asleep. Since then, the feature has become … [Read More...]