Google Play store will soon sell audiobooks

In this age of podcasts and other forms of streaming media, the audiobook format has been growing in popularity over the last few years. Amazon currently dominates the market, however, with its ownership of Audible, but it appears Google is about to make a big push back. The Google Play … [Read More...] leaked data on 300,000 users

The ancestry and family tree website revealed last week that data on 300,000 users, including email addresses, usernames, and passwords, was publicly exposed on one of its servers. Tony Blackham, the company’s Chief Information Security Officer, issued a statement shortly before the Christmas holiday noting that the user … [Read More...]

Mobile games found using mic to track users’ TV habits

Always-on listening devices, such as smart speakers, may be increasing concerns about these devices recording and tracking users’ conversations and other data, but it seems a significant number of mobile apps — including games aimed at children — are already engaged in this shady behavior. An investigation has found … [Read More...]

SoftBank acquires 20% of Uber in investment deal

After several months of negotiations, Japanese tech firm SoftBank will be acquiring a 20% stake in Uber as part of an investment deal with the troubled ride hailing company. Uber’s many problems — which have been seen throughout 2017, including numerous reports of sexism, illegal business tactics, and questionable software … [Read More...]

Amazon Video execs make the jump to Apple

It appears Apple is continuing to make progress in bolstering its original programming division. As part of their ambitious plans to create and offer original shows and other video content, Cupertino has managed to poach not one but three executives from leading rival Amazon Studios, including the head of Amazon’… [Read More...]

NVIDIA ending driver support for 32-bit systems

The PC world is taking another step towards laying 32-bit systems to their eternal rest. Nvidia has announced that it will soon be making the switch to only supporting 64-bit operating systems, with the upcoming Version 390 of its graphics card drivers being the last to support 32-bit versions of Windows … [Read More...]