Never Lose Your Keys Again With Tile’s Black Friday Deals

Tile trackers make great gifts for friends who are always late because they can never find their keys (seriously, they’re so punctual, everyone’s always said it, they just couldn’t find their keys hahaha!), and Amazon’s Tile Sport Black Friday deal just went live. $20 gets you a single Tile, … [Read More...]

Finns respond to Trump by raking country great again

Puzzled Finns have taken to Twitter to post pictures of themselves raking the forest after U.S. President Donald Trump said California should learn a lesson from the Nordic country about how to protect itself against wildfires. While visiting California’s wildfire zones on Saturday, Trump told reporters that Finland spends … [Read More...]

Covering the fire terror in California's lost Paradise

San Francisco-based photographer Josh Edelson has just returned from covering the massive wildfires in northern California, the deadliest in the state’s history. Last year, when huge fires ripped through northern California, people thought it was a one-off. [Read More...]