4 Convincing Reasons to Buy Fine Art Prints

Today, not only photographers and visual artists resort to the fine art printing services, as this digital orienting method gains more and more popularity. While there are, undoubtedly, plenty of remarkable art pieces worthy of your attention, some connoisseurs prefer buying fine art prints over original paintings. The choice may … [Read More...]

Art Shipping: Proceed with Care

When it comes to art shipping, quality of care and attention to detail are key. Some pieces are delicate and require special packaging while others weigh tons, calling for more durable and specialized means of delivery. Above all, purchasers want to feel confident that the piece that inspired them will … [Read More...]

Alexei Vasiliev: A Phenomenon in Contemporary Russian Art

Contemporary art is vibrant, affluent, dynamic, and at times perplexing, but in all cases deeply enchanting, opening the hidden shades of reality as seen by the extraordinary, creative minds. The same may be surely said about contemporary Russian art of Alexei Vasiliev, a talented painter born in 1980, who has been … [Read More...]

Striking Oil Paintings by Trisha Lambi

Anyone can pick up a brush and stroke color across the canvas, but only someone with a special eye can create a masterpiece. Each artist has their own style and stroke, all brought together by technique. Those who choose to express themselves with colorful oil paintings are at a certain … [Read More...]

Angelov Franco: A Mixed Media Art Wizard

Mixed media art has an unusual way of combining objects to create one-of-a-kind works. Some objects may seem like trash or like nothing to one person, but the artist may see another. For this reason, creativity is key when brainstorming the ideas and message the artist wishes … [Read More...]

Antique Jewelry: Your New Fashion Statement

There is some sort of unspoken romanticism with antique jewelry. As humans, we have lived through thousands of years, each decade and century adding another fascinating chapter to the history books. This evolution of designs and materials has led us to the appearance of what we consider fine jewelry today. … [Read More...]

Linda Bachammar: A Jewel of French Contemporary Art

Deeply influenced by the rapidly evolving world and the revolution of modern technology, contemporary art is a broad yet interesting category. In particular, French contemporary art seems to hold tight to the influences of liberalism, surrealism, and modernism; shaping the views of today’s artists. For the past two decades, French … [Read More...]

Is It Easy or Hard to Ship Oil Paintings?

Most museums and galleries across the globe organize traveling exhibitions. Works of art are regularly transported from city to city, from country to country. That is why one of the essential issues for artwork owners is shipping safety. This is particularly true for shipping old oil paintings that are highly … [Read More...]

Eva Mayer: The New Trending Russian Poet

Poetry is back in style, and the Russian contemporary art is booming with new talents like Sola Monova, Ah Astakhova, and Es Esiya, as well as the recently discovered talent quickly gaining ground in the Russian show business – Vasya Akkerman. A new gem of Russian literary art also deserving … [Read More...]

Verita Amare Et – A Multimedia Artist of New Kind

The world knows many multi-sided personalities with various talents, but Veronika Medvedeva known under a creative pseudonym Verita Amare Et deserves a special place on the Olympus of Russian talents. Born in 1987 in Rostov-na-Donu, this young multimedia artist revealed her deep creativity and an unusual worldview from … [Read More...]

Are You Ready for Nova Frontier Film Festival and Lab?

Immigration, discrimination, cultural gaps, and injustice are just a few themes featured in this year’s innovative and inspirational edition of Nova Frontier Film Festival and Lab. This Festival is not just another exposition. It puts a sharp focus on the development of young artists in impoverished areas of New York … [Read More...]

Unique Designer Fire Pits from Firecup

Sitting near the fireplace possesses a unique charm; we all love the moments of intimacy and contemplation the jumping flame shapes give. Thus, designer fire pits have taken a firm spot in the list of must-have home décor items as they bring the feeling of tranquility, comfort, and warmness … [Read More...]

The Mystery of the Voynich Manuscript

The legendary Voynich Manuscript is a Holy Grail for historiographers and linguists. This mysterious book was written in the unknown language during the Italian Renaissance. On the pages of Voynich Manuscript, you may see the zodiac signs, plants, astronomic symbols, and receipts of potions. Its pages are decorated with images … [Read More...]

Billy Gerard Frank at the Venice Biennale 2019

The art exhibition with a globally famous name, The Venice Biennale, opened its doors for the attendees for the 58th time on May 11. This year, it takes place under an intriguing name May You Live in Interesting Times, with its organizers emphasizing the need for the humanity to stop and … [Read More...]