The Holy Apostles Peter and Paul in Art

Today, on July 12, the entire Russian Orthodox Church celebrates the Holy Feast of the Apostles Peter and Paul, which is also known as the Solemnity of Sts. Peter and Paul. These two greatest Apostles are considered the most important leaders of the early Christian Church, who, according to the common … [Read More...]

The Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, MD

While the Walters Art Museum is not one of the most famous art museums in the United States, it is definitely one of the most distinctive, which makes it a must-visit place in Baltimore, MD. Opened in November 1934, this beautiful public museum is aimed at bringing people and art … [Read More...]

Russian Works of Art at Sotheby’s London Auction

In one of our previous blog posts, we wrote about the amazing results of Christie’s London Russian Art Sale, which was held on June 4. We also mentioned a unique triptych icon of the Feodorovskaya Mother of God, sold at Sotheby’s London Russian Works of Art, Faberge & Icons Sale for … [Read More...]

Christie’s Russian Art Sale Results

Last week in London was marked by several very important sales dedicated to Russian art, Faberge, and antique Orthodox icons, featuring truly unique pieces from private collections with Imperial provenance. For example, the top lot at Sotheby’s Russian Works of Art, Faberge & Icons Sale held on June 5 was a … [Read More...]

Shapiro Fine & Decorative Art Sale Results

In our previous blog post, we wrote about Shapiro Fine & Decorative Art Sale held in New York on June 2. It’s time to look at the results of this important auction that brought together a variety of beautiful paintings, drawings, antique Russian icons,  sculptures, and other works by international artists! … [Read More...]

Shapiro Auctions: Fine & Decorative Art Sale

Shapiro Auctions is one of the most reputable auction houses headquartered in New York City. Established in 2007, it is known throughout the world for its many high-quality sales of American, Latin American, European, Russian, and Asian works of art created at different times. Besides, Shapiro auctions often bring truly … [Read More...]

The Art of Alexander Gassel

On May 20, the well-known Museum of Russian Icons in Clinton, MA will open an exhibition of work by Alexander Gassel, a Russian-American contemporary artist and designer. This unique exhibition entitled “The Art of Alexander Gassel” will feature a beautiful selection of surrealist paintings that perfectly combine modern subjects … [Read More...]

Most Influential Artists of the Russian Avant-Garde

Russian art is now more popular than ever before. Moreover, the interest for Russian art, which includes everything from antique Russian icons to Faberge and Russian Imperial jewelry, is not limited to only Russia and Russian-speaking collectors. These days, Russian art is considered a superb fine art investment, making … [Read More...]

Results of Christie’s New York Exception Sale

On April 20, Christie’s New York held a unique auction entitled “The Exceptional Sale.” From striking antique furniture to elegant silver and one-of-a-kind sculpture masterpieces, the auction offered a stunning selection of lots outstanding for their rarity, provenance, craftsmanship, and design. Plus, there were truly standout items … [Read More...]

Famous Paintings of the Blessed Virgin Mary

In this blog post, we want to compile a short list of some of the most famous religious paintings depicting the Blessed Virgin Mary. However, before we start, it is important to note that no one actually knows how the Mother of God looked like, so it is no wonder … [Read More...]

What Are the Heaviest Objects Humans Have Ever Moved?

Have you ever wondered how all those large sculptures and incredible art installations that can be found in almost any city and town around the world are moved? Well, there are specialized fine art shipping companies proficient in moving large and heavy items, using special equipment and trucks. It is … [Read More...]

Behold: The Galaxy Note 9 of our dreams

Samsung’s new flagship Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ are easily the most impressive Android smartphones on the market right now. They feature a gorgeous design, impressive performance, and a rear camera that is quite possibly the best we’ve ever seen on a globally available flagship phone. The problem with … [Read More...]

Top 5 Paintings of the Resurrection

These days, Easter is associated with many fun traditions, such as hunting for Easter eggs hidden by the Easter Bunny. However, let’s not forget that Easter, first and foremost, maintains great religious significance. After all, it is the most important Christian Feast that celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from … [Read More...]